Urban X : Design by Exposure


Urban X is a lifestyle brand that connects street photography and fashion in a unique way.

Urban X was conceived around the idea that street photography is about the search for unconventional perspectives and unique moments where people and the urban landscape collide, merge and become indistinguishable. Our apparel is designed with this very philosophy in mind. We see street photography and fashion as integral parts of one another: urban images influence our designs, and then our apparel is worn on the streets, impacting the surrounding environment.

Based on artistic expression and experimentation, Urban X seeks to expose the relentless human energy of the modern global cityscape. Urban X isn’t trying to be different–it is different. By wearing Urban X, you are becoming part of the urban landscape and it is becoming ingrained in you.

The Urban X clothing line combines a gritty edge with a stylish and forward-thinking fashion sense. With a global perspective in mind, we create designs for men and women that appeal to and support the urban spirit; the traveler; the explorer; the artist–that exists within all of us. Urban X is about the here and the now and the knowledge that life is short. The world is changing, expanding and evolving. And so are you.

How do you see the city? How do you see yourself?

Urban X: Photography. . . Fashion. . . Lifestyle.